Micro Projecting for Qualitative Data

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

The focus for the first half to this project is inspired by the approach to qualitative data gathering used by Candy Chang and Broken City labs mentioned in our previous posts.  We want to gather data on the individual experiences of users of a space (in this case city inhabitants) and use it as source data to map a city, in this case Vancouver, in a new way. Therefore the focus right now is brainstorming mechanisms to collect qualitative data. This qualitative data will be about capturing the dialogue that occurs between the physicality of space and users. As suggested by some of our research see here contemporary architects are re-examining the urban flaneur for its potential value as a tool for analysis.
Our design opportunity here is serving as the interface between experiential data and urban planner. Here are some of the micro projects we plan to carry out:

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Flaneurs toolkits– We are providing a variety of people with analogue disposible camera, notebook and a pretty open ended series of shots to gather based loosely on our categories. The participants will mark down there thoughts about each picture in the notebook with corresponding exposure and hand it back. We are using analogue to take it away from becoming a photographic exercise and they can not self edit.
Pixelation – We are going to map our own routes to and from work to map the colour palettes of  our shifting landscapes. This will be achieved by photographing sections and translating them into abstracted pixelated images
Postcards-Installing ourselves in cafe around the city for a day or so we plan to hand out your standard tourist postcards to passersby. The back of each will be started with “Dear Urban Planner, Sitting in a cafe in_________ observing __________ . I really love this city for its ___________. This neighborhood I am in for_______________ because _________________ I think it because it allows me to ___________________. (this is not finalised)
Wish you were here________________
Map – We are going to do some kind of focus group and get people to draw on tracing paper over Vancouver – we have not fully flushed this idea out yet.

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