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February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

In thinking about spaces, and thinking ahead, it seemed as though we should explore the space of the grad show itself as a platform to speak about how people interact with their surroundings. What if there was a way to track how people experience the grad show space? If the amount of time spent in a given place might be assumed to indicate that place’s “interestingness”, then can we use the quantitative data of number of people, movement, and duration to express an experience in real-time?

Of course, there are many reasons why one might linger in a particular place during an exhibition – maybe they got caught up in conversation about something, maybe there was a group of people prohibiting their movement, maybe that’s where the bar is. But simply in order to demonstrate a type of hidden data, we must simplify.

We came up with this idea by challenging ourselves to think big and beyond what we think we can achieve – and now, we have to ask what we can get for 10 bucks? This is beyond either of our technological capabilites, so we turned to Simon Overstall of the IDS labs for help. He has been crucial in guiding us along so far. After describing what we wanted the end result to look like, he suggested some options including RFID tagging, which, while probably the most accurate way to do motion tracking, was also way too expensive to be an option. Luckily, Bobbi Koziuk, another technician in the lab, discovered a little box of cameras, just waiting there for us! So onto another option…..

How it would work: We mount the little cameras up on the ceiling throughout the design areas and hallways. These cameras then feed real-time motion images to a central computer (or computers) which would then crunch the data and project out an infographic onto the wall. Simple, right?

So at this stage we’re just waiting on the IT department to get back to us about using the ECU wireless network, so that we can set these babies up and test them. Fingers crossed!



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