Our first go!

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We did it!

Having gotten back a proof copy from Jeff at Total Graphics – which is amazing, as now we have more time to have a look at the typos and do the small finnicky changes. It took longer than we anticipated (of course), but now we have a fully bound color mockup to hand in tommorrow.


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Bookbinding 101

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We met up with Michele’s friend Claire at a local coffee shop to get a crash course in bookbinding. She kindly went through how to do the stitching on one of our mockups – it’s going to be completely. nerve. racking.


Hand sorted

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Now that we’ve got the flow of the book sorted out, we’ve started making paper protoypes of the book to help us figure out the signatures. After speaking with the lads in the DOC we’re going to have to stitch each signature together ourselves, then faux-perfect bind the whole thing with a cardstock spine for structure.

A serendipitous find near the studio

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Sketching up some Infographics

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Biggest nut to crack is how to deal with these infographics – we’re basing them on the answers from the survey, however, we’re having a hard time figuring out how to make them pictoral and still fit within the framework of the book…here’s a few sketches of some ideas, drawing inspiration from map-making and schematic diagrams.

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A Long, Long Weekend

April 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve been at the studio allll weekend….

The Big Change

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

So after taking a step back and re-examining the design, we came up with a way through which to navigate through all the layers of information. One of the issues we struggled with the most was how to make four disparate types of information (text, photos, drawings, infographics) work together cohesively but with enough texture and interest.

So we came up with a new navigation system: where we would use three different page sizes to differentiate – the largest page size would house the explaining/qualifying text, the smaller one would be a booklet for all the images, and throughout the book we would disperse an even smaller booklet – weave spreads throughout the whole thing. The smallest booklets would be the photos for Serendipity – finding things when you’re not looking for them.

By taking this new approach – separating the text from the images completely – we hope to create several entry points into the information – that by even a skimming glance at the book, hopefully, the reader would be able to get a more visceral sense of the information.

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